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Pediatric dental sealants are plastic resin coatings that shield and smooth the surfaces of molars. This protective layer helps make children's teeth more resistant to decay by blocking germs and bacteria. They not only help make teeth less likely to develop cavities but also prevent future pain and more expensive dental treatment later on.

Pediatric dental sealants are available at Star Kids Dental & Orthodontics in Burbank and the surrounding area. Our team provides this treatment to protect your child’s smile. Call us today at 818-483-9064 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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    What Are Pediatric Dental Sealants

    Although brushing and flossing is the best way to prevent cavities, it is not always easy for children to thoroughly clean their teeth. Pediatric dental sealants are an easy and effective way to protect teeth from tooth decay. These thin plastic coatings go on the molars at the back of the mouth. Along with being difficult to reach, the back teeth have a rough and uneven surface. Dental sealants provide the extra protection these teeth need.

    The sealant acts as a protective barrier to shield chewing surfaces from germs and food particles. By covering the molars’ grooves and blocking out bacteria, plaque, and other cavity-causing substances, sealants keep cavities from developing. They can also stop the early stages of tooth decay from developing into a full-blown cavity.

    The Importance of Pediatric Dental Sealants

    Cavity prevention is especially important for children as the likelihood of developing pits and fissure decay starts early on. Cavities in baby teeth can lead to cavities in permanent teeth and oral health problems later on. Early dental protection is incredibly essential as newly erupted permanent teeth are not as resistant to cavities as adult teeth are.

    Children between the ages of six to 11 without dental sealants have almost three times as many cavities than children with dental sealants. Dental sealants are beneficial as a preventative measure against slow erosion by bacteria and acids. This treatment is gaining traction, with about 43% of children between the ages of six and 11 receiving dental sealants.

    Candidates for Pediatric Dental Sealants

    Although adults and children can get dental sealants, it is better to get them as early as possible. Children can get dental sealants when their first permanent molars emerge between the ages of five to seven. They can get another layer of dental sealants when the second set of permanent molars emerge between the ages of 12 and 14. Teenagers who are particularly prone to cavities can also benefit from this treatment.

    Sealing the molars as soon as they come through can help prevent cavities from the beginning and subsequently save more time and money in the long run. The sealant application process can be difficult if patients are wiggly or have an active tongue or sensitive gag reflex. In these cases, the application is delayed for six to 12 months to enable better cooperation so that the sealants will not fall off or fail.

    Application Process

    Applying dental sealants is a quick and easy procedure that does not require any drilling or numbing. First, we will clean the teeth that need sealing with a polishing brush and gritty toothpaste. The teeth are dried and separated from the tongue and cheek to shield them from any saliva.

    Then, we will use an etching solution to disinfect and prepare the teeth so that the sealant adheres better. Once we rinse and dry the teeth again, we will cover them with a thin bonding layer. We will place the dental sealant after placing the bonding layer and then dry the bonding material with a LED blue light. Each tooth sealing takes about one minute to complete.

    Care and Maintenance

    Patients can eat and drink immediately following the procedure and even return to school right away. Dental sealants may protect a tooth for a minimum of three to five years. Well-maintained dental sealants have the potential tolast up to 10 years.

    Sealants are inspected during regular dental check-ups to ensure they have not cracked or worn off. Our team can quickly and easily repair dental sealant damage through a process that is similar to the application process. This dental treatment is simple to maintain through good oral hygiene and regular check-ups and cleanings.

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    Dental sealants are an important preventative measure that can protect your child’s smile from tooth decay and cavities. Our team at Star Kids Dental & Orthodontics can help. Call us today at 818-483-9064 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should dental sealants go on baby teeth?

    While not as common, baby teeth can receive dental sealants. We recommend this treatment when the baby teeth have significant grooves or pits in them. Although these teeth will fall out eventually, it is important to protect oral health early on.

    What happens when a dental sealant covers a cavity?

    We can apply sealants over areas with early decay to prevent further damage to the tooth. A small cavity that is covered by a dental sealant will not spread. The cavity will not grow because the sealant cuts off its food and germ supply.

    Are dental sealants safe?

    Sealants are a safe preventative dental treatment for children. Some sealants may contain a small amount of BPA in sealants, but it is not enough to cause any harm. Research has found that children have more exposure to BPA from food, drinks, sunscreen, shampoo, body wash, and other cosmetics than from dental sealants.

    Are there any side effects?

    No. There are no known side effects, with one exception. Some patients may experience an allergy to all or some components of dental sealants. If this is the case, our team will help to remedy the issue and find a new effective solution.

    Are dental sealants visible?

    Dental sealants can be clear, white, or tinted to match the patient’s tooth color. Sealants are only visible when viewed from up close. They are not visible when speaking or smiling.

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