Why choose a pediatric dentist for children with special needs and what accommodations are available?

Our pediatric dentists are specially trained to understand and accommodate the unique treatment of children with special needs. One of our dentists will evaluate the current state of the child’s teeth and ask about their habbits to help formulate a treatment which helps your child be more at ease and allow our doctors to treat your child as best they can. We offer private rooms where the child will have less distractions and a more private and comfortable setting. We highly suggest a parent/guardian to be in the room during a treatment to help ease the child and show them they are not alone through the process. In some cases its even beneficial to bring the child by multiple times before the actual dental procedure to help them get more used to the office.

What if a treatment is suggested?

If one of our pediatric dentists suggests a treatment, we offer a variety of options to help ease the child such as oral sedation or nitrous gas (laughing gas). That along with the support of a parent/guardian will help the treatment go by faster and make the experience as quick and hassle-free as possible.