What are pediatric partials or “pedi-partials” and what are they for?

Pedi-partials are similar to space maintainers except pedi-partials are for the front teeth. Pedi-partials are a set of narutal-looking false teeth which take the place of the baby teeth which have been removed or fallen out much earlier than the adult tooth would erupt. They also help the child’s self-esteem by giving them a natural appearance around others. While they are very helpful in maintaining ones appearance, they also are a place-holder for permanent teeth allowing them to grow into their right place rather than being crooked and then needing braces.

How are pediatric partials made?

Pedi-partials are custom tailored based on a child and the size requirements for the tooth. Once the teeth which need to be replaced which a pedi-partial are removed, a mold is created and sent to a laboratory which creates the pedi-partials specifically for the child. This allows them an almost seamless look until the adult teeth grow in.

What are the side effects of a pedi-partial?

One of the side effects of the pedi-partial is that the child needs to keep brushing their teeth thoroughly to clean out anything which gets stuck.. There may be some discomfort as the child is not used to having a device on his teeth. Additionally there may be some bleeding as the gums would not be used to the false set of teeth. It is very important to keep brushing to ensure the inflammation decreases. Furthermore the child needs to keep their appointments so a pediatric dentist to keep track of when it needs to be removed, which is right before the adult teeth erupt.