What is a sports/night guard?

A nigh guard is a cushion which helps children protect their teeth in sports and sleep to prevent chipping and grinding such as Football. Another use is during night time where children grind their teeth for any of a multitude of reasons. The night guard acts as a cushion allowing the child to sleep safely and protect their teeth.

How is a night guard useful?

A night guard is a prevention method which helps prevent the needs for treatments. A simple extra step can go a long way to protecting a child’s mouth. When a child sleeps he or she may being grinding their teeth unintentionally causing chipping, fractures, or even treatments to remove teeth. A proper nightguard should be made by a professional dentist to ensure it fits the contours of the child’s mouth.

How does a sports mouth guard help a child?

Although you can buy many mouth-guards from sporting good stores, they are not as friendly to a kid’s teeth. There are also special mouth guards which can be molded to fit a kid’s teeth, however they are tricky and sometimes difficult for the child to use as it requires careful tooth and tongue placement. The most reliable sports mouth guards are created through a dentist, who can take an accurate mold of the mouth and provide the best possible mouth guard to help the child protect his or her teeth.