Why Digital X-Rays?

To help us better evaluate your childs teeth, we use Digital X-Rays compared to standard X-Ray machines. Due to digital imaging, we are able to see X-Rays in higher quality and digitally zoom in to better see the quality of the teeth. They are also much more sensitive compared to standard X-Ray machines which helps us see cavities in their earlier stages and take action to prevent problems later on. Digital X-Rays use 99% less radiation and will help your child get through the process much faster than before.

Why can’t my child’s dentist simply look at the teeth to find cavities? Why does he need dental x-rays?

While a visual inspection can show decay on the teeth and/or gums, a Digital X-Ray can see the cavities which are just starting to form or those between the teeth where it’s not visible. Additionally, it allows Pediatric Dentists see the extent of decay in teeth which helps them determine the best course of action, such as a filling or root canal based on the how much the cavity has spread.