At Star Kids Dental we do our best to make sure your child’s gums and teeth are as healthy as can be. To help prevent problems and catch any issues early on, we suggest having an oral exam every 6 months with one of our Pediatric Dentists.

An Oral Exam Has 3 Steps

  1. During the first step of an oral exam and/or X-Ray, one of our pediatric dentists will take a visual look to make sure your child doesn’t have any cavities or decay.
  2. Then they will review the results and will inform you of the best course of action to treat your child, if any treatment is necessary.
  3. After the oral exam, one of our doctors give a brief summary on how to keep teeth good as new and any additional information you and your child might need to know.

What do we do to prevent problems?

We understand the best solution to any problem is prevention. In order to prevent and treat problems before they get worse, we offer a variety of services like dental cleaning, sealants, fluoride treatment, and/or space maintainer for missing teeth.